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Vishwas Hospital Dr Mamta Gupta, MD, In practice for 15 years and has treated thousands of patients for weight loss, infertility, PCOS, Obesity related disorders etc..
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Dr Mamta Gupta, MD, In practice for 15 years and has treated thousands of patients for weight loss, infertility, PCOS, Obesity related disorders etc..

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Women Care hospital in Chandigarh

Vishwas Hospital team consists of professionals in infertility management, embryology, clinical obstetrics and gynaecology, andrology, laparoscopic (key hole), endoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeons, gynec-oncology, ultrasonology, adolescent care, pregnancy, new born care and neonatology. It has state of the art facilities to deal with infertility related problems and a well set up NICU. The team believes that preventive care is as important as quality treatment and stresses protocols such as cancer screening, menopause management, nutritional management and prenatal exercise classes. The team also consists of nursing aides, physiotherapists, dieticians, and counselors. This group of committed professionals at the Center provide round-the-clock, responsive and caring health delivery. This team work has resulted in exemplary achievements over the last two and a half decades, while not forgetting basic women’s health care issues.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Vishwas Hospital is one of the best Women Care Hospitals in Chandigarh and is well known for its assisted reproductive technologies laboratory. Vishwas Hospital is one of only six centers recognized by the national board to provide fellowship training in reproductive medicine. Vishwas Hospital also gives back to the medical community through regular monthly CME programs.

Our Specialities

The centers specific areas of expertise are broadly categorized into three areas:

Feto-maternal medicine - including high-risk pregnancy care
Reproductive medicine - infertility management through technologies like IVF (test tube babies)
Clinical obstetrics and gynecology

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The Women’s believes that all women have the right to accurate and non-judgmental support and information when they are facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

We believe that women have the right to choose the option which is best for their individual circumstances. This may include:

continuing the pregnancy to have and care for the child
to consider adoption or another care arrangement
having an abortion.

What you can expect from services at the Women’s

Counselling, discussion and support

You may or may not be clear about what you want to do, or you may want more information and the chance to discuss your situation further. Pregnancy Advisory Service (PAS) counsellors are available to discuss all your options with you in a nonjudgmental way. The aim is to support you to do what you want to do. PAS counsellors will not attempt to talk you into any decision.

Confidentiality and privacy

All services at the Women’s must protect your confidentiality. Staff cannot disclose any information about you to others unless you agree and consent to it.

Patient rights

The Women’s has a charter of patient rights, which describes our commitment to providing patients with caring, professional and respectful support and care.

Age and consent

If you are under 18 years of age, it is generally necessary for a parent or guardian to give consent for you to have surgery. However, if you have any concerns about this, please let us know so we can discuss this with you and help you consider all your options.

Cultural and linguistic diversity

Interpreters are available free of charge to assist any woman using the public hospital system.

The Women’s understands that women from different cultures have diverse needs and beliefs about abortion and we strive to be sensitive and responsive to these.

Individual needs and access

PAS wants to ensure that women who have special or individual needs have access to our services and support in using our services. Please let staff know if there are particular issues for you such as a disability, health issues, problems in your life or circumstances, or difficulties like having to travel a long way.

Abortion using medication

There are medications available to bring about an abortion. In most cases you would need to be between about 5 and 9 weeks pregnant. There are some exceptions to this but only where it is recommended by a doctor. An abortion using medication is done under supervision at the hospital.

An abortion using medication takes place over three days. You take one tablet (on day one) and then return to the hospital two days later for further medication. After this, the abortion will usually happen within four to eight hours. As the abortion happens you will usually have crampy pains and bleeding which is heavier than a normal period.

You will be asked to return to the hospital in one to two weeks after the abortion. Follow up is very important because sometimes, though it is rare, the abortion will not succeed. Up to one in twenty women (or 5 out of 100) may need a curette afterwards for this reason or because of ongoing pain and bleeding due to retained pregnancy tissue.

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